Uber Accidents

Whether you were a passenger, another driver or a pedestrian, being involved in an accident with an Uber driver is similar to being in an accident with any other driver. The insurance company for which you file a claim might be slightly different than you’re used to, but the basics for what to do following the accident are pretty much the same. Following an Uber accident, you should do the following.

1. Contact the Authorities

Assess your injuries and those of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians to determine whether you should call for medical assistance. Calling 911 immediately following an accident is the best way to get those first responders there as soon as possible. You should also be sure a police officer is there to assess the scene and make a report. Uber carries great insurance for their on-duty drivers, so if the driver is at fault, you want to be sure the police officer wrote that in the report.

2. Seek Medical Attention

If you are injured, it’s important you seek medical attention right away. Even if your injuries seem minor at the time of the accident, they could become worse without you realizing what is happening. For example, sometimes you have internal bleeding that does not present itself outwardly, and that can become extremely dangerous. If you don’t receive medical attention right away, the case could be closed more quickly and you could lose the compensation you deserve.

When you receive medical care, your doctor can determine what, if any, ongoing care you will need. When you work with your attorney toward a claim, he or she can help you to include damages for that ongoing care.

3. Collect Evidence

Many Uber drivers have dash cams that could be used as evidence, and there are a lot of witnesses that often take videos after accidents occur. Collect any videos of the accident that you can get your hands on. You should also gather names and contact information for any other drivers involved, passengers, pedestrians, and other witnesses.

4. Contact an Attorney

Some attorneys are experienced in accidents involving Ubers and Lyfts, so look around before you hire a car accident attorney. With someone experienced in rideshares, you could be more likely to receive the compensation you deserve from the appropriate party. Your lawyer can help you work through the insurance claims process, as well as a lawsuit if your situation comes to that.

Getting Started Today

Help is only a phone call away! To learn more about what to do after an accident involving an Uber driver, contact your car accident attorney today, like an MVA accident lawyer in Tampa, FL from Jeff Murphy Law.