Personal Injury Lawyer Bethesda MD Cohen and Cohen

Anyone who was the victim of a personal injury accident is strongly advised to speak with a personal injury lawyer Bethesda MD Cohen and Cohen residents depend on from Cohen and Cohen as soon as possible. We can imagine that you are suffering from injuries, financial loss, and impacted quality of life. Being in an accident where someone else was at-fault can be one of the most stressful events in someone’s life.
By now you may have already called the police, made calls to your insurance company, filed a claim, and notified your work that you will be out for at least a few days. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may have to miss work for weeks or months. We can imagine the mental stress and physical pain you may be going through. Lawyers from our law firm are familiar with handling personal injury accident cases. We have won substantial amounts of money for our clients, and have built a reputation in the community for being a dependable source of legal information and support. Don’t hesitate to call us right now if you have questions about what to do next. We are here for you.

How am I supposed to pay for medical expenses until I get the settlement

The insurance company for the other party will not pay any expenses until liability has been concluded, meaning you may have to cover these at first. For automobile accidents in particular, you may be able to utilize Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to pay for medical bills. If you sustained injury while on the job, you may be able to use workers’ compensation benefits if your company has a program. If you do not have insurance, we can help you find doctors or a hospital that can treat you with an agreement that you will pay for it eventually from your settlement.

What if I am being pressured to sign a release for a settlement amount

The insurance company offering you a settlement amount may necessitate that you sign a release before they give you the money. This means that you are waiving your right to pursue a legal case against the defendant and the insurance company for this accident. Please be aware that the release often entails claims not only against the person who harmed you, but any other related party that was not originally involved in the litigation.

A personal injury lawyer in Bethesda, Maryland may urge you to read the fine print on this release, and to not accept a settlement amount until we have spoken with you, reviewed your case, and determined whether the settlement is fair or not. In many instances, you are owed so much more than what the settlement offer is. As a victim of a personal injury accident, you have rights, and it is important that you understand them and your options with help from a member of our team. 

Call our law firm Cohen and Cohen today to speak with a Maryland personal injury lawyer in Bethesda if you or a loved one was recently the victim in a personal injury accident.