Car Accident Tips

With over 2 million people a year injured in car accidents and many more uninjured, the odds of getting into a wreck in your lifetime are incredibly high. When it happens, you may be at a loss for what steps you need to take. Unfortunately, failing to do the right things can cost you in the end. Get ahead of the game by knowing what to do and when. From documenting the damages to calling authorities, here are three things you should always do right after a car accident.

Stay Put

You’re on your way to work when a minor side-swipe slows you down. Car looks fine – you’re ok to get back on the road, right? Not so fast. Even a minor accident can leave damage to your car that you can’t see or worse, cause aches and pains that don’t show up until the next day. If you’ve pulled off without getting the other driver’s information, you’ve erased your chances of getting reimbursed for any auto or medical expenses. Instead, stay with your vehicle until police come to take a report and document what happened.

Call the Police

Calling the police can seem like overkill in a minor accident where nobody is seemingly injured. But fallout from a car wreck has a habit of showing up well after the incident is over. Getting a police account of the accident can help if you determine later that there was damage to your car or your person. Wait for an officer to arrive, take down details of the incident and write a report that can stand up in a court of law.

Take Pictures

Many drivers think it’s up to insurance companies to take pictures of their vehicles for claim purposes. In actuality, having your own pictures can be much more useful. Should you decide to file suit, your car accident lawyer can use your pictures to help negotiate your settlement. In some cases, pictures of the other vehicle can help prove who was at fault. So once you’ve got your bearings about you, pull out a phone and snap away.

In the heat of the moment following an accident, many motorists don’t take the right steps. Don’t be one of them. Stay with your vehicle, wait for the police and take pictures immediately after an accident. Afterwards, don’t forget to call an experienced car accident attorney once the dust has settled to find out just what you may be owed.

Source: Car Accident Lawyer in Memphis, TN, Patterson Bray.