Personal Injury Lawyer

Bumps and bruises are part of life. Everyone suffers injuries of some kind or another, and many of these are easy to overcome. However, in the most severe cases, you face a long road of not only physical recovery but of financial stress and emotional challenges. To get the help you need to cope with this ordeal, a personal injury attorney might be your best solution. Consider your situation and cases when getting legal help is the right move.

There Was Negligence or Maliciousness

Many injuries occur due to a person’s own fault—not paying attention, disregarding rules, acting foolishly. Other times, you may get hurt due to plain bad luck. However, if someone else causes your injury on purpose or due to neglect, you should speak with an injury lawyer. This legal professional will be able to hold the other party accountable and not only get you the financial compensation you deserve to pay medical bills but to also cover other damages. Injuries due to negligence may include a drunk driver hitting you; a doctor performing an incorrect surgical procedure; or unsafe conditions in your workplace. If you believe negligence or ill intent played a role in your injury, speak to an attorney today.

You Can’t Return to Work for an Extended Period

Significant injuries will require extensive treatment (perhaps surgery) and recovery. Depending on the nature of the injury and what you do for a living, it may be difficult or impossible to return to work anytime soon. Some people may have personal leave they can take at work, as well as short- or long-term disability and other time off. If you don’t enjoy these benefits, you could be in a world of hurt financially. A personal injury attorney can help you sue the offending party and get the money you are losing by not being in the workplace.

You’re Having Trouble With the Insurance Company

Hopefully, you have a positive relationship with your own insurance company, but it’s not uncommon to encounter challenges when it comes to paying claims. Your provider may deny coverage or may delay payments for a variety of reason. An attorney knows how to skillfully negotiate with insurance companies and persuade to deal in good faith.

It’s difficult enough recovering from the physical effects of an accident or injury. Coping with emotional and financial problems pours salt into the wounds. An experienced personal injury attorney can be an effective advocate on your side to help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

Source: Personal Injury Lawyer Miami, FL, Needle & Ellenberg, P.A.