divorce lawyer

Ending a relationship is always a challenge, and there’s no simple way to go about it. Choosing between divorce or legal separation is one of the many decisions that you must make if your marriage is no longer working. Though they are similar concepts, there are key differences between them. The legal process for both is very different, so you need to know what kind of consequences result from either process.

If you are thinking of opting for legal separation instead of divorce, there are several things that you should consider. 

Financial Help

Some couples may choose to delay divorce by filing for legal separation so they can remain financially stable. If there is a significant difference in income between you and your partner, you may want to choose legal separation so that one spouse is not left to struggle financially. This allows the spouse time to secure a better job or find housing. 

Reduced Cost

A divorce is going to be expensive regardless of income. Legal separation is a way you can end the relationship and handle legal arrangements like child custody without having to go through the hassle of a costly divorce. Filing for divorce can involve many legal fees and miscellaneous expenses, such as services from third parties like accountants. If you and your spouse agree to a legal separation, you are able to protect your assets and stay financially secure.  

Religious Beliefs

If you and your spouse want to avoid filing for divorce due to religious beliefs, legal separation may be a good choice for you. In certain religions, divorce is forbidden. Through legal separation, you can end the relationship and still keep your commitment to your faith.

Possible Reconciliation

Sometimes legal separation is preferred if you and/or your partner believe there is a possibility that you may be able to work things out. Separation is not as consequential as a divorce. If you and your partner are willing or planning to attend mediation or counseling, a divorce may not be necessary and could even be avoided.  

If you are not sure if divorce or legal separation is the right option for you, talking to a skilled divorce lawyer can give you the guidance you need. Before you commit to a decision, take the time to gather all the information. For assistance and legal advice, contact a trusted divorce lawyer that you can depend on now by scheduling a risk-free consultation.