You’ll have a lot to think about and deal with if you are injured in a motorcycle accident. As a motorcycle owner, you may want to think about some of those things ahead of time so you’re prepared in the case of an accident. For example, do you know where to go if you are injured in a motorcycle accident?

The Moments Following Your Accident

If you are injured to the point it would be detrimental to move, don’t worry about going anywhere. Let the paramedics come and take care of you. While it’s understandable you’ll want to collect evidence of the crash right away so it can help you in a future lawsuit, you can ask someone else to do that for you. Stay put and receive the medical help you need.

Receiving Hospital Care

Your injuries may require an immediate trip to the hospital. Whether you are transported by ambulance or are able to take yourself, go to the nearest hospital, or one that accepts your health insurance. Not only is this the best option for your health, but having an initial examination by a qualified physician could help you receive the proper compensation from your motorcycle insurance company. This is whether or not you accept an offer or end up in court.

Following Up in the Days and Months After the Accident

Some insurance companies require you see a specific provider after your initial examination, so it’s important you understand who you can and cannot see in order to receive compensation. In the days and months following your accident, you may need to see specialists, surgeons and other physicians to help you medically. It’s important you do your best to make it to every appointment so you can receive the care you need. Keeping good records of your appointments could help you when in a lawsuit against another driver or an insurance company.

Contacting Your Lawyer

As soon as you are able, you should contact your motorcycle accident attorney. Whether this is the day of the accident or a week later, it needs to be done so you can have the proper legal guidance you will need to receive compensation.

If you are injured enough that you cannot contact your lawyer on your own, you should have designated someone beforehand to take care of legal matters should you become injured. Contact your lawyer today for more information or to get started with the legal process following your car accident.

Source: Bike Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN, Ward & Ward Law Firm