When someone you know or love passes away due to someone else’s negligence, misconduct, or intent to cause harm to them, you might be faced with the desire to sue the individual or business for wrongful death. The purpose can be to make an example of the poorly handled situation or the responsible party, while obtaining closure and financial compensation for your losses related to the person’s passing. These may include lost wages, companionship, and expenses incurred such as for the funeral.

Suing for wrongful death may be done when another individual is legally responsible for someone’s unexpected death:

  • Medical professionals – including surgery errors, misdiagnosis, emergency room accidents, and letting a patient leave the hospital too early
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Bartenders who over-serve drunk drivers
  • Responsible parties in fatal car accidents

The laws regarding this type of claim vary between states and may include limits to the amount of damages you can claim. Work with a wrongful death lawyer to determine what the laws are in your state. Usually, the people that may make a claim include immediate family, spouses, and dependent children of the person that passed.

Types of Damages Awarded

  • Economic: Compensation for the expenses and financial losses related to the accident or negligence of the responsible party including lost earnings, medical care, and funeral costs.
  • Non-Economic: Compensation for non-monetary losses the decedent suffered including pain, suffering, and their lost ability to enjoy life.

These types of lawsuits can become complicated, especially if the situation leading up to the death was complex. Some cases require significant evidence, and some medical cases may even require experts to testify. This is where a wrongful death lawyer becomes very helpful. They will tell you exactly what you need to support your case, as well as all the deadlines for filing paperwork and any relevant statutes of limitations. They will also help you clearly articulate the value of the life of your loved one to ensure you are fully and fairly compensated.

Claim Your Rightful Compensation

No sort of financial reimbursement can ever take the place of a loved one. However, being sure the person or business who caused the accident is held responsible for their actions and safety measures are put into place so it doesn’t happen again, can provide some level of closure and comfort for family members. As well, having some financial stability after losing a breadwinner in a home can make the transition easier. Utilize the expertise of a wrongful death lawyer in Tampa, FL, such as from Jeff Murphy Law, to help you organize your case and earn the settlement you rightfully deserve.